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ItSoL - Halloween Special by Goldstarfan ItSoL - Halloween Special :icongoldstarfan:Goldstarfan 2 1 Why, Hello There! by Goldstarfan Why, Hello There! :icongoldstarfan:Goldstarfan 1 0 Wildheart by Goldstarfan Wildheart :icongoldstarfan:Goldstarfan 0 0


I'm the Kommandant!! by HeavyMetalPirate I'm the Kommandant!! :iconheavymetalpirate:HeavyMetalPirate 7 2 Hogan's Heroes Practice by GARobles Hogan's Heroes Practice :icongarobles:GARobles 8 5
Sans x Reader- Skelerubs
It seemed that lately Sans had been avoiding you. After 3 months of dating, you were scared. What if he didn't like you anymore? Had you done something wrong? When you'd sit down with him on his mattress, he wouldn't sit there for more than a minute before shooting you an uneasy smile and rushing out of the room.
When you told Papyrus, he told you not to worry. "Sometimes Sans just gets to where he needs some space." He ended up explaining countless times to you. But this had been going on for a week or so. It didn't seem normal, especially since you've known him for half a year, and nothing like this had happened.
One day on a cold winter night, you were snuggled up between Papyrus and Undyne watching the static on the tv when Sans stumbled into the house, closing the door behind him and letting out a huge sigh. His fuzzy jacket was pulled up to where it covered his cheeks, and the hood up, so you merely saw two white pinpricks scan the room and land on you.
"Hey NERD! About time you
:iconwownsfwshit:wownsfwshit 602 95
Loki Hug--(Gif) by MischievousMonster Loki Hug--(Gif) :iconmischievousmonster:MischievousMonster 118 36 Kiss Me Now--(Gif) by MischievousMonster Kiss Me Now--(Gif) :iconmischievousmonster:MischievousMonster 55 23 Kiss Me Loki--(Gif) by MischievousMonster Kiss Me Loki--(Gif) :iconmischievousmonster:MischievousMonster 50 12
Tony x Reader |Jealous moments #1|
It was 11pm when you entered the kitchen. Unfortunately, sleep didn't come to you when your bed was absent of your genius boyfriend, Tony Stark, so it was a pleasure to find both Clint and Loki awake and in the living room. Your attention, however, had quickly fixated on where Loki's vest and green button up shirt were drenched in water. Clint stood, bow in hand, grinning at the drinking glass pierced by an arrow.
"You imbecile! How dare you! I am a god!"
"Hey, hey. Relax," (Name) smiled. She took a seat beside the heated God of Mischief.  "It's just water."
"Yeah," Clint mocked. Sticking his tongue out like a child.
"And Clint, what did we tell you about playing Robin Hood in the apartment?"
Loki snickered at this. "Yes, Barton. Why don't you go to a park and hang from a tree?" Clint shot the prince a glare.
"Anyways. Can we watch a movie?" It was what you normally did when Tony was away on a business trips.
"Tony out of town still? "Clint smirked.
"Unfortunately." You pouted.
:iconlovethatloki:LoveThatLoki 67 1
Beetlejuice and Lydia X3 by TheBig-ChillQueen Beetlejuice and Lydia X3 :iconthebig-chillqueen:TheBig-ChillQueen 151 99
Beetlejuice- Hemorrhage
By Lejindarybunny
I'm kneeling on the floor, weeping over her body. Blood, blood everywhere and shards of broken glass. Who did this? I can't remember. Was it me? All around the room there is blood. The mirror is broken.
Memories are just where you laid them
drag the waters til the depths give up their dead

She was so upset. Screaming, screaming and crying. And screaming. Something about her step-mother. I tried to comfort her. Tried to stop her. I told her; oh I told her it wasn't the answer! She wouldn't listen.  I couldn't stop her. I could never say no to her. And now, and now…
what did you expect to find
was there something you left behind

The room is so different now. So cold. Only moments ago it was full of heat and of life. Her life. She summoned me. She said she wanted…it. Said she wanted a way out. Wanted to leave her world forever. She wanted me to do it. Oh how could she ask me to do it? Ask me to snuff out the fragile light of her life. T
:icongreer-the-raven:Greer-The-Raven 172 85
Beetlejuice And Lydia Laughing by Arkyz Beetlejuice And Lydia Laughing :iconarkyz:Arkyz 144 23 Beetlejuice and Lydia Cool by sucker1317sfiga Beetlejuice and Lydia Cool :iconsucker1317sfiga:sucker1317sfiga 122 33 Beetlejuice Party Chibistyle by ForeverKnight Beetlejuice Party Chibistyle :iconforeverknight:ForeverKnight 283 107 Beetlejuice Dancing by Arkyz Beetlejuice Dancing :iconarkyz:Arkyz 143 70 Beetlejuice In the Window by ForeverKnight Beetlejuice In the Window :iconforeverknight:ForeverKnight 529 153 Steampunk Newlyweds v2 by Kayla-Na Steampunk Newlyweds v2 :iconkayla-na:Kayla-Na 734 62 Graverobber With The Most by GlamourKat Graverobber With The Most :iconglamourkat:GlamourKat 536 115




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